DTPLENVIRO TECHSOLUTIONS is providing the best solution in to the field of Environmental, Hydrology, Renewable Energy(Wind and Solar Monitoring), Geotech, Eddy Covariance Monitoring, Dam Monitoring, Bridge Monitoring, Road Weather Monitring Station, Air Quality, Water Quality etc.


DTPLENVIRO are proud to have the experienced sales and service teams who understand the measurement and provide the best solution to or customers. We have experts on board who have been identified one of India's Measurement experts and are very keen to provide the best solution coming from the Best team who is eager to provide the best in class system and services



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Our Products and Systems are from best and pioneer companies

Automatic Weather Station

Our Rugged Weather Stations are used for different markets like Agriculture, Glacier Monitoring,Environmental Research, Routine Monitoring, Hydrological Applications, Micrometeorological Applications, Renewable Energy: - Solar and Wind, Coastal Applications etc

Our weather stations are designed to give you accurate data by using pioneer sensors and dataloggers in the world. Our weather stations are rugged in design and are integrated to work even in harsh environments with multiple telemetry options

Hydrological Stations

We do provide Hydrological Monitoring stations to measure Water Level and Discharge Monitoring Systems. We come with the vast field experience to handle such applications and design the system site specific with multiple telemtery options

Our Hydrological station include water level monitoring in different technologies like Pressure sensor, Bubbler, Radar, Acoustic and our Discharge Monitoring Solutions also include ADCP's, Side Looking Doppler, Non Contact typer Radar Based Sensors for accurate monitoring

Co2 Flux/Eddy Covariance Studies

We come with a great experiecne to provide you the Eddy Covariance Monitoring Stations to Measure Co2 and Water Vapor Flux, We understand the measurement and challenges to make sure system is running and is recording the right values, we take care of your system so it works perfectly. Our Flux Stations are Basic OPEC and Extended OPEC both and we also provide services for your old stations.

Renewable Energy

Our Renewable Energy Solution is designed for accurate monitroning for different application like Solar Monitoring Stations and Wind Monitoring Stations. Our Solar Monitoring Stations are Designed for Accurate measurement of GHI, DHI & DNI along with Weather Parameters and all our devices are compatible with the scada.

Our Wind Monitoring Systems and sensors also very accurate and we provide complete parameter required for Wind Assesment and for the perforance of the wind mills as well as complete plant. Our services and communciation devices take it to the next level.


We do provide many solution for research application which include handheld meters for agriculture applications, measuring soil co2 flux, photo active synthesis radiation, Leaf area meters, Lux Meters, Wet & Dry sensors etc for scientific application along with complete package to monitor Green house gases

We also provide air quality monitors for the research application, We do provide micrometeorological stations as well for differenrt studies in research market

Geotechnical & Infrastrucutures

We do provide many measurement solutions for different geotech application where the sensors and dataloggers are used. We do also provide vibrating wire readouts, LVDT, Accelorometers, Load cells, Earth Pressure Cells, Mining Applications etc

Air Quality

Our Air Quality Monitoring Solutions are designed for accurate monitroning of Aerosol, Green House Gases, NOx So2, CO,O3,BTX, Pm2.5,PM10 etc

We also monitor Sound and Noise Pollution by using Rugged devices in the field and also provide the handheld devices for complete air quality monitoring

Road Weather Monitoring System

We provide Road weather monitoring systems to be used in Highway traffic Management System which are installed on highways according to NHAI Guidelines and requirements of the system integrators of Toll Management companies

Our systems are very much compatible with the softwares of Toll Management systems and monitors Air temperatures, Wind Speed & direction, Visibility, Road Surface Temperature and Road Pavement Conditions

Water Quality

Water Quality

Our water quality Monitoring instruments are used in a Surface Water(River, Canal or Lake),Fisheries, coastal, groundwater environment,drinking water & wastewater application, you can rely on our rugged instrumentation for accurate data collection. Ideal for spot-checking or continuous and remote water monitoring, our single and multiparameter water quality instrumentation is easy to use and maintain, and designed for long-lasting performance, even in the harshest environments.


DTPLENVIRO Service by Trained & Experienced Team


We Provide Installation Services for all the Systems provided by us


We take care of Commissioning of the Systems provided by us

Annual Maintenance Contracts

We Do Provide Comprehensive and Non Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts

Breakdown Visits

We provide Breakdown visits to solve the problem you are facing at the best of our possibility


We provide Calibration Services and also perform testing of the systems/sensors/Products

System Integration

Our Team is fully versed with technical training and tools to perform any level of system integrations




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